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New York Triathlon (NYTRI) started as a grassroots triathlon club out of Syracuse, NY in 1983 and is now the longest-running triathlon race organization in the Northeast. To date, NYTRI has organized over 800 events that have drawn over 120,000 competitors, specializing in attracting first-timers to multi-sport competitions.

Co-founder, Daniel Honig, had been competing in and organizing triathlon events for over four decades throughout the world. Dan led unique, fun and memorable races for over 30 years as Race Director until his retirement in 2017 when the title of Race Director was bestowed upon Ron Darress, a veteran of the NYTRI Race Management team since 2003.   Ron Darress started volunteering with the Big Apple Triathlon Club, known as today the New York Triathlon Club, at the 2003 March Madness (March Classic). He pulled the tag off the race bib as the competitors crossed the finish line to confirm their times. When the technology improved, he used an electronic wand to get the times of the finishers. Dan liked his attitude and offered him a position on the race management team.

As Race Director, Ron brought back triathlon and duathlon racing to all five boroughs of New York City and even New Jersey. Under Ron’s leadership, NYTRI was even able to host safe, in-person races following CDC guidelines to keep the club, and athlete’s spirits, lifted high during tough times.

In late 2023, Ron handed the reins to George Koutsodontis & Hunter Lydon, two New York City locals and founders of an amateur triathlon team known as the “Beasts from Riis”. George & Hunter both completed their first triathlon in 2019 at a NYTRI event and have been competing and volunteering with the organization ever since.

NYTRI, a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, is dedicated to carrying on the legacy of Dan & Ron by continuing to produce multi-sport events for competition, education & physical health/fitness purposes. NYTRI specializes in sprint-distance races which are shorter, faster and approachable for any individual looking for a new challenge. Whether you’re a first-timer looking to dip your toes into the sport, or a seasoned athlete looking for an incredible test of fitness, NYTRI’s friendly & supportive community is ready for you to race with us!

George Koutsodontis-Senior Race Director/Operations

[email protected]

George is a Born n Raised Brooklyn native. He got into adventure racing when he turned 30 and it grew from there. He entered his first Triathlon back in 2018 and haven’t looked back.

Hunter Lydon-Assistant Race Director/Creative and Marketing

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Hunter Lydon was born & raised in Queens, NY where his first foray into sports was playing roller hockey at Juniper Valley Park. After graduating film school in Boston, he began coaching CrossFit at various boxes in Brooklyn & Queens where he met athletes who would introduce him to triathlon. It wasn’t long before he was signing up for races all across the country with his group of swim, bike & run loving friends. Having completed various fitness challenges such as IronMan Lake Placid (2022) and a Last Man Standing trail race in Maine (2023), Hunter looked to give back to the race community by taking over Race Director & Creative duties here at NYTRI.

Victor Chan-Race Photography/Media Marketing/IT/Web Management

[email protected]

Victor Chan from One Imaging Photography has over 8 years of experience providing photography and media coverage for race events and promoters in NYC and NJ.  He specializes in adventure sports photography covering races from MTB races, trail run events, to USAT Off-Road Triathlon such as the Xterra series and Gravel Triathlon in NJ.  He has been our official race photographer since late 2020.  His no nonsense, uncompromising approach making him a valuable asset in promoting our sport in NYC!  Victor is from Brooklyn and learned his craft years ago shooting local bike races in our local parks.  In his early years, he was a bike racer.  Nowadays, you would find him doing laps in Prospect Park or hitting the local MTB trails in LI.  He is also a runner, although not a fast one.   

Ron Darress-Race Day Consultant

Ron Darress was born and raised in Long Island. He was hooked into our sport because he realized he was feeling healthier the more races he entered. He has been with us since early 2000 as a competitor, volunteer, and race management staff. By late 2017, he became our race director. Ron was instrumental in providing race events to our NYC triathlon community during COVID, when most events were cancelled. His insights and race management experience are invaluable.

Our club founder Daniel Honig has organized over 600 national and international events and races. Below are some of the races he was known for. If you have been a triathlete for the past 30 years or more, you may have done some of them!

  • Big Apple Duathlon Series  1984 – 2015, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan,
  • New York Central Park Triathlon (swim/bike/run) – Manhattan, NY1988 – 2015
  • New York Triathlon Series  (2 races/season) – Harriman State Park, – 1985 – 2015
  • Big Apple Triathlon– Riverbank State Park, Manhattan, NY – 1993
  • Police Triathlon – (swim, bike, run) – Putnam County, NY, 2008 – 2015
  • Trooper Duathlon – (run, bike run) – Ulster County, NY, 2003 – 2015
  • March Madness Duathlon (run/bike) – Central Park, – 1987 – 2014
  • Hudson Valley Triathlon – (1/2 Ironman – Sprint Distance) – Ulster County, NY, 1997 – 2015
  • Crystal Light New York City Triathlon, Manhattan, NY 1985
  • American Memorial Triathlon (swim/bike/run) – Orange County, NY 1997 – 2004
  • Israel International Triathlon (swim/bike/run) Eilat, Israel, – 1987
  • Candela 5K run – (Washington, DC, San Francisco, New Orleans) – 1995 – 2002
  • Spring Couples Relay (bike/run/row) – Central Park, – 1989 – 2014
  • Triple Challenge (skate/bike/run) – Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY, 1995 – 2001
  • Hi-Tec Adventure Racing Series (kayak,bike, trail run,special tests) – New York, NY, 1998
  • Scottish Biathlon Championship (run/bike) Braemar, Scotland, – 1987
  • Terra Challenge (canoe, mountain bike, trial run, team tests) – Sullivan County, NY – 1998/99
  • Kaaterskill Spring Rush – (ski, bike, run, canoe) – Greene County, NY – 1996
  • American Athletic Games (Kayak Challenge) – Central Park, – 1992
  • Hudson Valley Duathlon Series – Ulster/Greene/Sullivan Counties, NY1996 -1999
  • Flatwater Triathlon Series (run/bike/canoe) – Flushing Meadows Park, Queens, NY – 1991
  • Bricktown Challenge Triathlon – (swim, bike, run)  – Rockland County, NY – 2013 – 2015
  • Daytona Beach Duathlon – Daytona Beach, FL – 1985 – 1986
  • Empire State Duathlon  – Harriman State Park, NY 1986 – 1995
  • Women’s Duathlon  (run/bike) – Central Park, NY – 1989 – 1994
  • Bronx Museum Duathlon  (run/bike) – Bronx, NY – 1990 – 1996
  • Central Park Hot Air Balloon Festival – Manhattan, NY – 1992
  • CF Roll-A-Thon (bike/skate) Giants Stadium, NJ – 1995
  • K9 Day (dog run & walk) Manhattan, Saugerties, NY – 1994, 1999


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