Our Partners

Our Partners

Flanzig and Flanzig, LLP is a nationally recognized law firm representing the rights of seriously injured cyclists, pedestrians, and their families. We are avid cyclists and safe street advocates with a combined 66 years of experience litigating on behalf of seriously injured crash victims in New York. Our firm also focuses on representing those injured in crashes involving micro-mobility devices such as Revel mopeds, e-scooters, motorcycles and Vespas.

Daniel Flanzig is an attorney and competitive triathlete, serves on the Board of Directors and is a legal advisor to the New York Bicycling Coalition, New York’s only statewide bicycle advocacy group. Mr. Flanzig is also a “Bike Law” educator with Bike New York, the country’s leading bike education program. Mr. Flanzig has authored numerous articles and frequently lectures on bicycle litigation in New York. He has been featured in both the The New York Times and Bicycle Times Magazine for his work as a leading Bicycle Law Advocate and a New York Bike Crash Lawyer.

Victor Chan from One Imaging Photography has over 8 years of experience providing photography and media coverage for race events and promoters in NYC and NJ.  He specializes in adventure sports photography covering races from MTB races, trail run events, to USAT Off-Road Triathlon such as the Xterra series and Gravel Triathlon in NJ.

Unlimited Biking is the largest bike rentals, tours and experiences operator in the United States with locations in New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, Miami, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Alexandria, Virginia. For over a decade, our expert staff and licensed tour guides have championed the spirit of adventure.

Ron Darress has spent a lifetime honing his skills as a tradesman/craftsman. In his early days, he assisted his father in the family business and gained valuable experience working on everything from ship maintenance, and dock construction to home renovations. Ron served in the US Amy 40th Engineers where his skills were further developed by reading blueprints and making repairs to Quonset Huts. Since then, his knowledge and hands-on experience as a craftsman have earned him opportunities to be called on by contractors for framing, masonry, plumbing, electric, roofing, and finishing carpentry jobs.

Ron started Green Light Inspections after he obtained his education, training, and certifications to perform home inspections through Molloy College in Rockville Centre, NY. This, plus his well-developed and overall general knowledge of building and construction gives Ron the ability to paint a clear picture of a house or structure’s assets and liabilities. His reputation and relationships enable him to partner with like-minded individuals and organizations to provide a multitude of services that may be needed for any type of property.

A Legacy Anchored in Central Park

The Central Park Boathouse stands as a testament to New York City’s rich history and the vibrant evolution of Central Park. From its Victorian origins to its modern-day allure, the Boathouse has always been more than just a structure—it’s a cultural landmark, continuing a legacy that spans the park’s past, present and beyond.

Born in the Ocean Wild & Free

With a history of designing performance wetsuits for triathletes since 1995, our unwavering commitment to advanced, innovative swimwear empowers you to overcome your limits. Whether you’re competing in a triathlon or swimming to challenge yourself, our fit-for-purpose garments are designed to meet your needs in even the most demanding conditions.

Like the Killer Whale—the ocean’s apex predator after which our brand is named—our cutting-edge materials and rigorous product design process means our highly-technical garments enables apex performance in the water when you need it the most. Orca swimwear helps you feel at home in the ocean, no matter the conditions, no matter the season.

Since 2014 BOCO Gear has been the leader in custom headwear and accessories for endurance athletes. Designed and tested by athletes on the roads and trails near our Boulder, CO headquarters and around the world, we invented the Technical Trucker® almost a decade ago and continue to innovate stylish, technical gear for pros and recreational athletes alike.

BOCO Gear works with some of the biggest names in endurance sports and with thousands of teams, events, and retail stores of all sizes. Big or small, BOCO Gear is your source for custom designed, high performing headwear and accessories, with low minimums and fast delivery.