pp Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

You may be disqualified or incurring a time penalty for the following offenses (DON’T DO THE FOLLOWING!):
  • Wearing headphones or airpods during the race (becoming distracted and posing dangers to others).
  • Being rude and showing un-sportsman like behaviors to your competitors.
  • Being disrespectful to race officials, staff members, spectators, and other park users.
  • Urinating in public.
  • Cutting the race course.
  • Having your bib numbers hidden (bib number must be visible at all time so that we know you belong to the race).
  • Riding your bike in the transition.
  • Enter to the transition outside of the designated path.
  • Drafting behind another riders during the bike course.
  • Not wearing a helmet during the bike section.
  • Having unregistered non-competitors pacing you during the race or providing assistance.
  • Any other activities that the race organization deems dangerous to others and to yourself.